There is no better way to start the new year than in prayer and seeking the face of God. IGF’s Christian Community Church hosted the third year of 21 Days of Prayer, from 7th-27th January 2019. Under the theme of ‘Year of Enlargement’, Isaiah 54:2, we joined in prayer for enlargement in our capacities and our capabilities, enlargement in our families, in our workplaces, enlargement in education and opportunities, and enlargement in IGF.

Each evening from 7pm-11pm, Christian Community Church was filled with adults and children coming to seek the face of God.

There were many highlights from the 21 day program. In the first week there was a visit to the Government Hospital in Kitgum, where gifts were distributed in the Children’s ward. The gifts were purchased with money donated by the congregation the previous night, and delivered by the congregation, including youth from the Sunday School. On Day 14 of the 21 day program, we ‘enlarged’ education with a giveaway of school fees, dozens of exercise books, and bibles. Supporting and enlarging education is a key priority in the community and the church.
In the final week of the program, the worship leaders created a song which they performed and has since been professionally recorded at a studio in Kampala. “This is the year of enlargement, this is the year of encounter, we will rise up, we will conquer, and over take..

“Enlargement is here, for all good and godly things in our lives and around us, ‘Isaiah 54:2” – Senior Pastor, Alfred Komagum

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