Ronald arrived at IGF 20 years ago as a 5 year old boy. His mother died while he was only a toddler, and by the time he was ready to start school, his father was struggling to support Ronald and his siblings. “I don’t even remember my mother, I don’t remember her face or what she looks like, I was too young… Mama Irene chose me from among my family to come and live at IGF in the dormitory. She sent me to school, gave me food to eat, and looked after me. This helped my aged father to look after other domestic needs and my siblings at home”. Ronald explained.

Ronald completed primary school at IGF and was supported to complete a Certificate in Electrical Installation at a technical institute in Kitgum.  Most of the classrooms, buildings, health clinics, church and dormitory have had the electrical installation completed by Ronald. He has worked at Mighty Fire radio station for many years, ensuring that equipment is operating and often being responsible for shutting down the radio after midnight and on again at 5am each morning to start broadcasting again.

Ronald has made huge contributions in the church as a keyboard player. Although he has never studied music, Ronald taught himself to play the piano and keyboard. He doesn’t read sheet music, but has such a talent playing by ear. More recently, Ronald has also been helping in the sound box, doing sound checks and monitoring microphone levels and so on. He has been such a blessing to the music department in Christian Community Church!

Over the years serving as an electrician at IGF and Mighty Fire FM, Ronald has been able to save some money to buy a piece of land and build a temporary structure where he now lives.

“I still plan to continue with my study so I can get more knowledge in my field of qualification so I can support IGF work and the children. By God’s grace I hope to achieve more in future”, said Ronald.

We are very proud of Ronald and the young man he has become over the past 20 years at IGF!