Tha12471894_995401187169461_4183386196230511621_onk you for contributing to education, health, nutrition, medicine, water, and creating life-changing opportunities and hope for these precious children at IGF and the wider community in Northern Uganda.

In 2015, together we achieved many things.

  • We served over 2.3 million meals.
  • Provided holistic primary education to over 3,400 students.
  • Provided vocational training to over 540 students, teaching carpentry, building and tailoring.
  • We officially opened Kitgum Business Institute, providing both Certificate and Diploma level business courses to 60 students.
  • Completed the construction and commissioned both the Women’s Maternal Health Centre, and Technical/Business School Buildings.
  • Provided secondary and tertiary education scholarships to over 200 students.
  • We reached hundreds of thousands across northern Uganda community education and empowerment through Mighty Fire FM Radio.
  • IGF remained the largest private sector employer in the region, providing salaries to 350 staff to support their families.
  • We provided basic health services for our children, staff and local community.
  • Provided residential care to over 68 children, previously considered at-risk in their home situations
  • We continued to purchase from local farmers and businesses who supply food, scholastic materials, drugs, construction material, and so on, contributing to the growth of the local economy.
  • Successfully carried out memorial events for our Director/ Founder, Mama Irene Gleeson with active participation of over 15,000 people from across Uganda and overseas coming to honour a national hero and humble servant of God, and to support and encourage the continuation of her legacy.
  • We encouraged local sustainability of our program and encouraged community involvement and ownership.
  • Provided a message of salvation, healing, peace and restoration for thousands through Christian Community Church Outreach and Inreach programs, and continued training and equipping leaders for the work of the great commission through the Discipleship program.


Each of these activities contribute to IGF achieving the vision and mission of improving the quality of life of children in Northern Uganda, and building sustainable communities.

The plans for IGF over the coming year continue with these goals, focusing on the provision of quality, equitable, and holistic pre-primary and primary education. Increasing the number of youth and adults who have relevant technical, vocational and business skills, for employment and entrepreneurship. The Health projects continue to focus on sanitation and hygiene, maternal and infant health, and the provision of access to clean drinking water. Furthermore, IGF seeks to continue providing inspirational messages of hope, transformation and empowerment for our communities through the FM radio station.

We have started the year well, and look forward to continuing to serve and assist the children and communities in Northern Uganda. Please continue to support us as we seek to educate, feed, medically treat, and provide life and opportunities to these vulnerable children. Together, we can make an impact.