There were smiles all around for the children and their parents, as 85 pupils graduated from K3 Nursery Class at IGF’s Amida and Main nursery schools. Parents, grandparents, family, fellow students, teachers and members of the community joined together as the young boys and girls finished the first stage of their journey into education and graduated after 3 years of pre-primary education.

The theme of the Graduation Event held in Amida was “Loving and providing quality education to a child is my responsibility”, reflecting the important role that parents and family, and teachers and the community play in education of our children. In northern Uganda there has been a great need to educate parents about the value of education for their children.

Among those graduating were 5 of IGF’s resident children who have been at IGF since they were infants. Walter, Charity, Babra, Michael and Trent are each overcoming their own trauma and challenges, and are ready to take on Primary 1 (grade 1) in 2020. To say we are proud is an understatement!