As a 72 year old grandmother caring for 4 children, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused a lot of stress and worries for Rose. Her source of income to support the children has ended. One of those children under her care is IGF sponsored child Patrick.

Patrick is enrolled in Primary 6 class at IGF’s Amida primary school. He lost both of his parents when he was just a baby, and has grown up with his grandmother. Patrick normally walks 3km to school each day and receives breakfast and lunch for free at school. But with schools remaining closed, this has created extra stresses for his grandmother.

“My daily endeavours to earn some money to support the family through sale of garden items, have been ended.  I have so much psychological stress and worries due to uncertainties as a result of the COVID- 19” Rose told us.

“I have a great problem of feeding. It was there before the disease but it has gotten worse. The guidelines and government’s directives are very many and strict and following them is hard. It has affected the childrens’ education. I love to see my grandchildren go to school each day and now, seeing them stay at home here without schooling is heartbreaking to me”

Rose was very grateful for the food and soap items that the family received from IGF as it would ease the burden for her in the short term. But she has asked for more support as the restrictions continue and the food runs out again. The ongoing restrictions have impacted her ability to plant crops, which will restrict the amount of food she would normally harvest in the next few months. She has also asked if she could get a radio so that her 4 grandchildren can listen in to the lessons being broadcast over the radio.

Rose asked us to forward her appreciation to those that have given so that Patrick and other children and their families could receive these gifts of food and soap.
“I am very thankful for all that you have done and for thinking about Patrick. May God bless you abundantly. If only you were here and close, I would have loved to shake your hands to show you my appreciations. God bless you all.”

We want to be able to provide more vulnerable IGF families with food and soap packages as the restrictions continue, and also provide radios to enable IGF children to continue learning from home while schools remain closed.

If you can help, please donate online