Joshua has always been a healthy child. His carer used to joke about how heavy he was as a baby, and that she would need to stop and rest while carrying him on her back.
Joshua was only 3 weeks old when both of his parents abandoned him and went into hiding. Police brought him to IGF in September 2016, another young baby that had been dumped and abandoned, and requiring immediate care and milk feeding. Joshua has now been in the IGF family for 2 years.

In these 2 years his family have not come to visit him or check on how he is. We still hope that his parents who abandoned him, and his relatives, will show an interest and work with us to reconnect with him. Our ultimate aim at IGF is to reconnect children with their families if possible, safe and in the best interests of the child.

In the meantime, we continue to give Joshua our best. He is fed and clothed at IGF thanks to donors and his sponsor, and above all, he is incredibly loved. He joins IGF Nursery School baby class next year. We are excited for his future and love watching him grow into this playful and happy little man.