At IGF we take accountability seriously.  

Each year our accounts are reviewed and audited in both Australia (by Crowe Horwath Sydney, Level 15 1 O’Connell Street Sydney NSW 2000) and Uganda (by JR & ASSOCIATES, Certified Public Accountants, Kampala).  You have entrusted us with your donations and we want you to know that they are handled with the utmost care.

Not only that, each year our Ugandan project is reviewed by Global Development Group to ensure we are complying with the requirements of ACFID (Australian Council for International Development) and the Australain Government.  Below is a letter received from GDG after their trip in April 2015.


13 May 2015

Dear IGF Australia,

As you are aware, Global Development Group Project Department Manager and Board member, Ofelia Luscombe along with Project Officers, Josh Edwards and Samantha Robb monitored the Global Development Group projects in partnership with IGF Australia and IGF Uganda, J746 & J747 in April 2015.

Monitoring visits are conducted every year with the purpose being to ensure the project continues to conform to the requirements of Global Development Group, the Australian Government and the Australian Council for International Development. Part of the monitoring also includes an assessment of the capability of IGF Uganda management in delivering project outcomes and outputs.

For this visit, particular interest was given in assessing the decisions and strategic direction of IGF Uganda management in recent years since the passing of Irene Gleeson and the impact of these changes on the project.

The Global Development Group team held detailed discussions with the Strategic Management Team of IGF Uganda to gain an understanding of current operations and the strengths and challenges facing the project. The Global Development Group team also visited the various project locations with senior staff and management; and assessed financial procedures and controls.

Evident from the monitoring visit was that strategic decisions have been made over the past 24 months with project sustainability and quality improvement at their core. Stakeholders in Uganda (parents, teachers and staff) have been heavily involved in the planning and implementation of this while maintaining the historical core values of IGF Uganda and Irene Gleeson.

The results of the strategic decisions include improved quality of teaching through staff development; facility provision and improvement; increased focus on sustainability; decreased dependence on donations through sustainability initiatives and a commitment to improve quality of services at IGF. These goals will take time to come to fruition but all are most definitely for the betterment of the project and to increase the quality and level of service, care and education for the project beneficiaries.

Global Development Group has no doubt that the IGF Strategic Management Team is operating in the best interests of the project and is confident that these decisions will provide greater quality education to thousands of Ugandan children.

Kind regards,

Global Development Group