It was an emotional goodbye to ‘baby’ Elizabeth in early April, as she ‘graduated’ from the infant nutrition program and left IGF to live with her grandmother in their village about 30km from Kitgum.

Elizabeth came to IGF in July 2017 at only 3 weeks old, after being abandoned by her mother. Elizabeth has been cared for at IGF for the past 20 months by a wonderful carer named Doreen, who has cared for and loved her as her own.

“Liz is part of IGF and we are sad to let her go, but we work hard to reunite children back to their families whenever possible. We have assessed where she is going to live and we found that its a good place. She is totally healthy and will come back to IGF for a medical check-up after every three months.” – Stephen (Acting medical in-charge, IGF’s children’s medical centre).

The ultimate aim of IGF’s infant nutrition program is to support infants to return to their families when they are healthy and strong. About 70% of the infants rescued and cared for in the infant nutrition program will return home to live with family, within 18 months of rescue and nutritional support. Of course there are some infants that do not have family or a safe environment to return to, and that is when they become part of IGF’s residential care program on a more long-term basis.

“I am so grateful for what IGF has done to me. I studied at IGF technical institute and thought that was it. Little did I know that the same organisation would save my baby girl. From the time her mother left her alone in the house and looking at how far she has come today. She is a beautiful girl and I am so grateful for what IGF has done.” Patrick (Elizabeth’s father).

Your support is vital to enabling IGF to continue rescuing and supporting infants in the early stages of growth and development.
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