10173600_691996717509911_1183528313_nYouth unemployment, particularly among those without training or qualifications, is a problem in Northern Uganda.  At the same time, employers are experiencing skills shortages and have challenges in finding the right staff. Governments, businesses and communities have all recognised the need to provide work-relevant, vocational education to address the problem.


12188139_966905930018987_1214379461126281336_oChildcare Technical Institute (CTI) is the technical and vocational training institute within the Irene Gleeson Foundation. As the centre for practical knowledge in the Kitgum District, CTI trains students in carpentry, building/construction, business and tailoring.  CTI strives to prepare and graduate well skilled people who are ready to gain employment or begin their own small businesses.


At present there are 105 girls and 4 boys undertaking courses in Tailoring, Cutting and Garment making (TCG) at the Junior and Senior/Craft levels with CTI.

TailoringThis will help them meet some of the tailoring skill shortages that exist. However, we can do even better with greater resources such as sewing machines, models, cutting tools etc.  By adding these to the program we can provide more comprehensive, better quality training, leading to improved outcomes for our graduates.  

Better equipment will lead to better training…can you help?