In times of chaos and uncertainty, many people turn to the Church to connect in fellowship and hear the Word of God. With churches across Uganda and most of the world currently closed, IGF’s Christian Community Church partnered with Mighty Fire FM and America’s Daystar Television network, to bring church into the homes of some of the most vulnerable communities in northern Uganda.

Over the last few weeks, IGF distributed 1000 radios and Bibles in local language, to the most vulnerable households in Kitgum and Lamwo Districts. The radios and bibles were donated by DayStar Television network in America, to allow the people of northern Uganda to remain connected and uplifted during the ongoing pandemic.

IGF Executive Director, John Paul Kiffasi, highlighted that the Radio is a vital source of education and information, and it is a great companion during this period of isolation.

Local Government Leaders also praised the initiative, agreeing that the radios will not only keep members of the community up to date with local and national news, but also help to keep them entertained and provide a source of comfort during this difficult time of Coronavirus.

IGF’s Christian Community Church is continuing to run their ‘church from home’ daily services on-air through Mighty Fire. One popular program has been the ‘Family Alter’ each evening. Many families have called into the program testifying that there are a lot of changes in the lives of their households, especially for husbands who used to spend little time at home with their children, and also those who used to work away are now home during the lockdown. The ‘Family Alter’ program has been focusing on restoring family relationships, especially during this time when everyone is home and there is potential for increased tension and violence within the family.

We praise God for the ability to reach children and families with the Word of God, with news, and even education during the extended lock-down. We pray for more radios to reach more vulnerable children and their families with education and messages of hope and love.