12006664_955343557841891_8757542812776418554_oAs part of IGF’s focus and commitment to continuous improvement in serving the children and communities of northern Uganda, Heads of Departments recently underwent capacity building training. Facilitated by experts from Uganda Management Institute, 35 IGF and Community Church Head of Departments took part in a 3 day training session in Kitgum. The sessions focussed on project planning and management, particularly the use of the log-frame as a project planning and management tool; effective report writing; and effective meeting management.

The sessions provided an opportunity for the individual departments to re-clarify their positions within the overall scope of IGF. Empowering individual Department Heads provides scope for more informed decision making and uniformity in supporting the core mission of IGF.

It is well recognised that proper planning and management is crucial to the development and sustainability of any organisation. Providing these skills and knowledge to Heads of Departments is viewed as an important step in developing and growing the team to serve the children to our best capabilities. ‘Let all our leaders be equipped for the great work’, Pastor Alfred Komagum.

There are many ways which you can help IGF build the capacity of our staff. From supporting further education, to contributing to staff wages, each action has a positive impact in building our staff to better serve the children. Visit http://irenegleesonfoundation.com/gift-a-month/ to see how you can contribute today.