Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship is changing children's worlds

...providing clean water nutrition health care education

Despite our commitment to sustainable development, there are children in need NOW! Child sponsorship is an effective way to help these children receive clean water, nutrition, education and health care, while we work on the long term plan of self sustainability within the community.

Latest Stories

The positive impact of sponsorship

Imagine fast forwarding 20 years and seeing the impact on childrens lives! Well, here are just a few of the stories of children that were cared for by IGF in the last 20 years. See how lives can be changed through IGF sponosrship.

Winnie Laker was brought to IGF as a very young girl, at 9 years old. Mama Irene took care of her the entire time that she was with IGF, taking her in as her own daughter. Before she came to…

Mama Irene told the story of how she met Prisca many years ago… “Early one morning in the middle of the war, I was on my way to town to buy food for the children. Under tables on shopfront ve­randas…

“[He] was a younger boy of about 9 years old called Denis Olanya, who wore his shirt over his head like a shawl. When we placed him in the wash line prior to feeding he baulked at having to remove…

We need your help

Would you like to sponsor a child today?

For only $40 per month you can help change a childs world today!

My name is Denish, I am 11 years old and I want to be a Lawyer

My name is Erick, I am 13 years old and I want to be a Driver

My name is Rogers, I am 8 years old and I want to be a Teacher

My name is Innocent, I am 11 years old and I want to be a Doctor

How much does sponsorship cost?

Sponsorship is $40 per month. Alternatively,you can pay $480 annually.

Are sponsorship payments tax deductible?

Yes, sponsorship payments are tax deductible through IGF’s partnership with Global Development Group

How are the funds spent?

Sponsorship funds are used to fund our primary education program, vocational training program, health care activities, clean water projects and other community initiatives. The funds are not provided directly to each child, but rather are used to provide the programs that your sponsored child can benefit from.

Can I visit my child?

Visitors are welcome to come (subject to terms and conditions) for a ten day visit to meet your child and learn more about this precious Acholi tribe. The children and staff are greatly encouraged by your love and effort. Avoid school holidays: May, September and mid-November to the end of January. All visitors will be required to pay their own way, including money to cover the costs of food and lodging while staying at IGF ($35 per person per day will cover accommodation and board).

Can I write or send a gift to my child?

Yes, you are encouraged to write or send small gifts to your child.

Types of Gifts You Can Send

Good gifts are books, t-shirts, underwear, small FM radios, pens, soap, toothbrushes or balls. But, please, no jewelry, short dresses or girls’ slacks. You are encouraged to send items in sets of 4 so that they can be shared with children who are not sponsored.

Cash Donations For Children

IGF will NOT accept cash donations for individual children or families. Please do NOT send money to IGF for purchasing gifts for your child on your behalf, as this becomes a burden on our administration and staff.  Thank you for your understanding.

Gifts should be addressed to:

Attention: Sponsorship Dept, PO Box 40.  Kitgum.  Uganda.  East Africa. IMPORTANT: Please include the name(s) and child code number of your child.

Do you have more than one sponsor per child?

No, our policy is to have only one sponsor per child.

 What happens if I’m sponsorsing a child and I can no longer afford to make payments?

Don’t worry, we understand that your financial situation can change and we are here to help. We appreciate that the bond between a sponsor and their child is significant and we can place your sponsorship on hold for a period to help you recover. Of course, you can terminate your sponsorship at any time if you no longer wish to continue sponsoring your child.