Christian Community Church – Renewed Vision

church1Christian Community Church has been active and transformative in the first part of 2015. The year began with 30 days of prayer and fasting – as over 100 members of Christian Community Church came together to place the workings of the Church, the work of IGF, and their own personal lives, into the hands of God. The month-long prayer and fasting ended with an overnight prayer session in the church, of which even more church members participated.

Christian Community Church has also held two major conferences in the first part of 2015. One of these was a youth seminar to encourage, inspire and build the youth in the church to live meaningful lives. The other was a women’s seminar, which brought together to encourage and support the women in the church. Both were successful conferences, and more conferences are being planned at Christian Community Church to take place throughout the year.

church2Another class of discipleship students is currently undertaking studies to learn to “believe as Jesus believed, live as Jesus lived, love as Jesus loved, minister as Jesus ministered, and lead as Jesus led.” The discipleship program runs each year with a new group of students, both male and female, with graduations typically occurring in July each year.

Christian Community Church continues to run a Sunday morning church service, a Sunday afternoon ‘Evening Glory’ service, a Wednesday afternoon midweek service targeted at youth, home fellowships, and prison, hospital and radio ministries.

This work is supplemented by a strong lead pastor – in Alfred Komagum – supported by a strong leadership team of pastors and board members, and elders. This team recently had a mission and vision session where they gathered together to set the vision of what they see for Community Church in the coming years.
The vision of Christian Community Church is to “be a Christ-centered church that transforms, liberates and disciples communities.” We will accomplish this vision by achieving our mission “to reach and build every community for Christ.” Our tools in this mission will be our core values of “God’s Word, Generosity, Servanthood, Love, Vibrancy, People and Integrity.”

Prayer support of Christian Community Church is appreciated, as the Church also prays for the donors and sponsors of IGF around the world.