Renovation and maintenance works have been taking place in some of the oldest classrooms at IGF’s main primary school, while the pupils were away for the school holidays. Some of these classrooms are over 10-15 years old and are no longer in use because of their worsening state. Although structurally sound, some of the classrooms were never plastered or given ceiling boards, and therefore are filled with dust coming from the bricks and iron roof.

Many thanks to a donor in Australia that is supporting this much needed face-lift. A number of classrooms in the Nursery and Primary blocks have been plastered and freshly painted. We have also renovated two classrooms into a new library and reading room for the primary and nursery schools. In a society where it is rare for children to have access to books at home, we want to encourage a reading culture, and that for us starts at school. We have many books which have been received over the years from Australia, but we are now lacking enough bookshelves to display all of the books, and some furniture where the children can sit comfortably and read.

We are excited for the pupils to see their fresh bright *new* classrooms and library when they return to school this week! Small improvements and maintenance can make a huge difference!

Can you help us build some more bookshelves and furniture for the library?
Tax-deductible donations can be made online at

or by calling Alice on +61 2 9451 3463 and donating to the ‘Education’ project.

Let’s develop a reading culture among our pupils and reduce the rates of illiteracy in northern Uganda!