scanLaker Winnie came to Mama Irene when she was 9 years. She studied and grew up within IGF, where she received holistic care including education, feeding, medical care, counselling and prayer, thanks to Child Sponsorship. After finishing school, Winnie showed great potential and started studying Early Childhood Development in Kampala from September 2013. Winnie worked during the school term at IGF, and studied during the holidays in Kampala.

In 2016, Winnie graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood Development. Winnie is now the headmistress of IGF Nursery School.

IMGP7740IGF believes that pre-primary education is a key level of education in a child’s life. It is at this stage that the child learns the basics of reading and writing, socializing with others, and so much more.
” I recently graduated with a diploma in early childhood development and I believe that with the knowledge I have acquired, together with my team, we are going to prepare these little children to make the best out of life.” (Winnie).

This year there are 161 students enrolled at IGF’s Nursery School, in classes K1 to K3.

Congratulations Winnie!