Childcare Technical Institute:

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CTI Graduate Scovia teaching future students
CTI Graduate Scovia teaching future students
“BECAUSE OF MY EDUCATION, I AM ABLE TO HAVE A LIFE, AN INCOME, A FAMILY AND A FUTURE.” These words ring true for millions around the world, but on this day they were uttered by Charles Oceng – a carpenter who graduated from Childcare Technical Institute (CTI) – IGF Technical training school. Charles finished his advanced training in Carpentry in 2012, and within one week he had already found employment, thanks to his internship that he completed while still a student. He worked with the carpentry cooperative “Kitgum United Builders” while he was a student to help pay for his education, tools and materials, and when he finished he had a full time position. Thanks to his work there, Charles makes more than six times the average monthly income in Kitgum!
This story of success was one that was repeated by many at CTI’s recent alumni day. On March 19th, IGF hosted a gathering for graduated students to come back and celebrate their success, be encouraged by the Word presented by Pastor Alfred, and encourage current students. This was especially important for the current students who were able to see their futures more clearly in the graduates sitting across from them.
CTI is now in its second decade of operation and still going strong. The Kitgum Business Institute (KBI) was recently registered as a fully accredited business school, allowing higher levels of education for its students. The three story building – built by CTI students – which houses many of its classrooms will be finished thanks to a generous grant from DAP – a program out of the Australian embassy. Thanks to this funding, CTI will able to continue transforming, liberating and empowering its students to have successful futures!