Yes, that’s right, we have changed our IGF logo.  Well done to everyone that had already noticed!  So why change it?  That’s a great question – let me explain…

Many years have passed since our previous logo was introduced.  It represented IGF well at that time as it reflected how we sought to bring Christ’s love, through the symbol of the cross, to a war torn country, represented by the symbol of the rifle scope.

However, times have moved on and Uganda is no longer at war, so we felt it was time to introduce a logo that more accurately reflects who IGF is now and what we signify.  We wanted a logo that represented Irene’s love for Africa, that reminded us of Christ’s love as the foundation and motivation for our work and that reflected the African nation that we serve.

Therefore our new logo has a heart (to represent our love) surrounding Africa (represented by the continent shape inside the heart).  The red dots are reminiscent of African art, but more importantly, it is a reminder of the drops of blood Jesus shed on the cross for each of us.  This powerful demonstration of Christs love is our inspiration to love others, just as it was with Irene.

So as we look at our new logo together, it will prompt us to show the love and compassion of Jesus to the African children, just as much as Irene did.