12189350_10153731590829704_2748933618959968722_oThe Primary Leaving Examinations for primary 7 students were conducted in early November. A total of 162 students from three of the IGF schools sat for these national exams. 69 students from Childcare International, 41 candidates from Padibe and 52 candidates from Amida Primary School.

The PLE (Primary Leaving Examinations) are a national examination that is set by Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), for all students finishing primary school. UNEB is responsible for monitoring the administering and marking of the exams Uganda-wide.

The results for the examinations will be available to students by mid-January 2016.

The Head Teachers of all three IGF schools expect their students to score very well on these exams. They have been studying hard all year, and we hope that they achieve the success they deserve.

The examinations for the Lower Primary Classes have been taking place during the latter part of November. The examinations for the Lower Primary classes are set by the teachers of IGF schools, while Primary 4 to Primary 6 exams are set by the District Examinations Board and marked by teachers of IGF.

We wish all of our students success after a year of study and hard work.