At IGF, we always want to do the best we can with the resources we’ve received.  This means running the best sponsorship program we can, where  children receive the best services we can provide, the sponsors receive the best information we can offer and the IGF team run the best, most efficient operation they are capable of.

With this in mind, we have come up with some ideas that we think you’ll like.  It will help you discover more about what life is like for your sponsored child in Kitgum.

In the coming months you will receive a display book with your childs latest profile. Then, approx. every 3 months we would like to send you another page of information for your display book, helping you learn more about your childs school, their school class, their teacher, the local town of Kitgum etc.  Each update will add to the story of what life is like for your child.  This way, you will get to know more about your child as well as the community that you are supporting.   You will also get to hear about the IGF programs available to your sponsored child and how they are helping to change a community.

We think you’ll love it!



Will I still receive my child profile/photo and school report each year?

We will continue to send out sponsored child profiles with photos each year so that you can have an updated profile in your display book.  To free the team to provide the new information, we won’t be sending out school reports.  However, if you are really keen to still receive the school report, let us know and we’ll try to obtain a copy for you.


Will this divert funds from the children?

No, we intend to mail your updates with the magazine that you receive quarterly, so we will only have minimal additional expense, if any.  We think this will encourage others to take up sponsorship as well, thereby helping more children in the long run.


When can I expect to receive this?

We are planning to send out the display books and updated child profiles in April.  Thank you for you patience at this time of transition.