Aber Ruth Faith is a 6-year-old girl who is always said to have a smile on her face. She lives with her mother and father together with 6 of her 7 siblings.  Faith’s parents are in their late 40s and are very ill with their health continuing to deteriorate.  Despite their sickness and hardships, they always go several miles away from home to farm a small piece of land.

Ruth attends Childcare Palabek Primary School, where she is in primary one. She needs to walk 4km to school every morning, without having breakfast from home. She enjoys going to school and studies hard and her performance is very encouraging. Ruth wants to become a doctor when she grows up.

The family lives in three grass thatched huts; Faith sleeps on a papyrus mat on the ground that she shares with other 4 children. The family survives on subsistence cultivations and grows crops like sorghum, maize, tomatoes and vegetables. The water source is a borehole which is about 400m away from their hut. In her free time at home, Faith helps her family by fetching water and cleaning the compound by sweeping away leaves and things.

Faith and her family would greatly benefit from the support of a sponsor. Providing a young child hope when there appears to be insurmountable challenges is the best gift you can give. To start sponsoring Faith, contact Alice on 0294513463 and quote her child code: PL16-84.