For the past 3 months since churches across Uganda were forced to close, IGF’s Christian Community Church has been broadcasting daily through Mighty Fire FM radio station.

One of the popular programs continues to be the ‘Family Alter’ program which is broadcast each night. Discussing topics aimed at families, the program has led to many testimonies of restoration and transformation.
The testimony of Denis is just one of many.

During the lockdown, Denis found that had more time to listen to the radio, particularly the Family Altar program presented by IGF’s Christian Community Church.  It was after listening to this particular program a number of times that he got a deep conviction to restore his family, who live in a town about 110km away.

Denis had been broken apart from his well-established family for more than seven years, and had moved away to Kitgum to work and live his life separately. His wife Caroline remained at home over 110km with eight children, surviving with no contact from her husband and the head of the family.

After listening to the ‘Family Alter’ for a number of evenings, Denis went to the home of Pastor Alfred Komagum – the Senior Pastor of Christian Community Church. He admitted in tears that it was on the ground of immortality that his beautiful family was wrecked and he very much wanted to apologize and reconnect to his wife and children.

As he was speaking with Ps Alfred, Denis’ phone started ringing multiple times, and after rejecting the calls, he explained “let me put my phone off, it’s the same women who spoiled my marriage are the one calling me now, am tired of them”.

After prayers, Denis left for the town where his wife and children lived. When he reached home in the evening he found the wife sick in a critical condition.  He offered his apologies to his wife and children.

He called Ps Alfred to tell him that he had reached home, and through a phone call Ps Alfred prayed for the family while they were kneeling down and holding hands. He prayed for reconciliation, healing and restoration to transform the family.

There is no news yet as to when churches in Uganda may be able to reopen. For now we will continue reaching into the homes and hearts of families and individuals, sharing messages of hope and love through the Gospel.