In 2019 IGF started on the path towards self-sustainability with the purchase of 300 acres of farmland and a test-crop of maize and beans on 15 acres. This year we are moving forward with the farming project and need your support to make it a reality.
With the help of amazing friends and supporters in Australia, right now we have land, a tractor and a disc-plough, and plans to move towards growing our own food for the children in our schools and towards greater sustainability.

Since our last update, progress has been slowed by lockdowns in Uganda which have included bans on both public and private transport, and 12 hour curfews. Despite this, a full master plan has been developed and we are now preparing for what is called ‘opening the boundary’, and planting the boundary with trees. We are making arrangements to clear the bushy parts of the land and for planting crops in the next planting season which starts in July/August.

The full plan for the 300 acre farmland includes maize, soya, irrigation crops, fruit trees, coffee and bananas, piggery, free range chickens, forestry, an operations centre/storehouse and living quarters. The crops have been chosen based on suitability to the soil and climate, and also market potential.

In last year’s test-crop of maize, we were able to harvest almost 10 tonnes of maize from the 10 acre crop. Once removed from the husk and ground into maize flour, this enabled us to feed 1 IGF school breakfast and lunch for almost 6 weeks.
The maize harvest from 1 acre of land can feed approx. 150 children in our schools for 1 month. 30 acres will feed all 4 IGF nursery and primary schools for 1 month. Normally, IGF spends on average $8,000 each month just to purchase maize to feed the school children. Being able to grow our own maize and sell the surplus will greatly reduce our expenses.

We need your support to clear the land and start planting in the next season.
The priority right now is clearing the land and planting maize and soya in the July/August planting season. We also want to start planting the bananas and coffee as early as possible, as these take time to grow but have large profit potential.

This farming project is key to moving IGF towards self-sustainability in the next few years. By growing our own food to feed the children in IGF’s 4 nursery and primary schools, and selling the surplus to generate an income to cover the costs of the education, health, nutrition, child protection and clean water projects at IGF, will ensure IGF’s sustainability into the future.

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For more information on how you can get involved in IGF’s farming project and support us as we move towards sustainability, email