This is my Reality..

My name is Aol Flavia, my father died when I was little, I was told that he was killed by the LRA. My mother took me to my grand mother and that’s where I live now. My grand mother takes care of other six children and I am the seventh child. She has to feed us and take us to school and make sure she meets all our needs. I study at IGF primary school main and I am in P4, I love the school very much. I love the teachers. I love the food too, the porridge at break time and the beans and rice or posho at lunchtime. When I go to class, I lift up my hand to give an answer, my teachers are caring. When I finish school, I want to be Nurse so that I can help the community where I live. My favourite subject is science because it talks about the things we see in our environment.
I sometimes think about how hard it will be for me to become a well off person and help my community. My mother is with another man and cares less about me, and my grandmother has no money take me to school. I am happy for our school, they do not chase me back home if my grand mother has not paid the parents contribution. She sells a few vegetables and uses some of the money to pay me at school. We pray every morning at the school assembly and I pray to God to help my grand mother and my friend also who do not have parents. Pastor Denis always comes in to share with us every morning from the bible and he tells us that God loves us and he has good plans for us. I believe its true. I love school very much and I love my friends and when its time for go home, I feel like I do not want to go home. When I go home I help my grandmother fetch water, wash plates and learn how to cook. I love my grandmother very much and I want to make her life better.

The Irene Gleeson Foundation provides education, nutrition, clean water, and medical care to vulnerable children in the north of Uganda. This is only possible through the support of sponsors and donors. To make the greatest impact possible, your contributions are combined with those of other sponsors. This enables us to provide education, nutrition, clean water and medical care to children even if they do not have a sponsor. However, the money can only stretch so far and assist a limited number of children beyond those that are donated. For this reason, we seek to have as many children sponsored as possible, to not only benefit the child being sponsored, but also allow other vulnerable unsponsored children access to these essential resources. Please consider sponsoring a child like Flavia, the benefits to these children is life changing.
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Other ways that you can help…

We always speak a lot about our Child Sponsorship program at IGF. It is the primary means that IGF receives funding for the many programs that we offer to the impoverished children in northern Uganda. Sponsoring a child through the Irene Gleeson Foundation allows children access to education, nutrition, clean water and medical treatment. In return, the sponsor receives an annual report and school report of the child, and the opportunity to develop a connection with the particular sponsor child.
Some supporters of IGF are more interested in supporting an overall program of IGF rather than sponsoring an individual child.  This is now possible. Rather than ‘child sponsorship’, an individual can sponsor a ‘program’, or what we have called ‘a gift a month’. There are a range of options available to sponsor particular ‘programs’ from which a range of children will benefit from. The three primary projects that can be sponsored or supported are water, education and health care.
If you prefer to give in this way, why not consider supporting or ‘sponsoring’ one of our essential programs, such as providing fresh clean water, providing classroom teachers with essentials such as chalk, pens, markers and paper, or providing powdered milk to a malnourished baby or a baby who’s mother is unable to breastfeed.
Check out our ‘Gift-a-month’ program and help us to continue to provide vital services of education, nutrition, water and medical treatment to the impoverished children of northern Uganda.