Little David arrived at IGF a few days before Australia Day in January 2017. He was only 3 months old, and his mother had been tragically killed by a wild buffalo in a national park about 100km from Kitgum. His father had died before he was born.

In situations like this where there is an infant requiring immediate care and milk, and when there is no family member to step in to assist, infants are referred to IGF and admitted into the nutrition program.

2 years later, January 2019, and David is doing well thanks to people like you that supported the purchase of formula milk, clothing and necessities, and for a carer to look after him within the IGF facility. David has a cheeky smile and just loves his food!

It is hoped that David can be reconnected to relatives over the coming year, but for now, as his extended family is unable to care for him he will remain under the care of IGF.

You can help ensure that David and the other little ones at IGF’s Children’s Medical Centre will grow up healthy and strong, by making a tax-deductible donation for nutrition, formula milk and other needs at