The story of Godfrey Ocitti


Godfrey Ocitti

“Hello, my name is Ocitti Godfrey and I am now 11 years old. I grew up knowing Mama Alice (IGF Dormitory’s house mother) was my mother. She used to go to the garden behind the house everyday and dig in the garden as we played. She then came back before midday to prepare for us some food. I remember being the oldest boy among other older girls whom I thought were my sisters.

She always sat us down every evening to tell us traditional stories, she one time told us a story of a mother who loved her children very much, but could not provide much for them. Somehow, God blessed them with a good life and helped their mother. I asked her which day she gave birth to me and she kept silent for a moment. She then said that she is not my mother. I did not understand. I asked her where my mother was and she began to tell me my story.

web-GodfreyShe told me that on the day I was born, she was so happy for her son and that he had given her a grandson. She went on and explained that my dad was a very good man but was not as rich as my mother expected. She also told me that one day my mum left me home alone and said she was going to the market to by something, but she never came back again. Some people say she went to live with a soldier. My father came back and found me home alone crying and took me to Mama Alice, my grandmother. She told me that she felt so bad.

She told me that she started taking care of me since I was one year old and she took me as her only son. She told me to forgive my mama and thank God for the new family that I am in.

I remember the day she got a job at IGF (as a house mother in the dormitories). We got so scared because we thought she was going to leave us home all by our selves. She talked to Mama Irene about us and Mama Irene told her that she could bring us to the dormitories to live with her.

She got in and our family expanded with a little sister Blessing and little brother Denis. I go to school at IGF School with my other brothers who live at IGF dormitories.
I love school so much and my favorite subjects are Science and Math. I heard about all of the airplanes that have been crashing lately. When I finish school, I want to be a mechanic so that I help make airplanes that do not crash. When I come home from class, I love connecting wires to a bulb so that it lights. I love it so much.
I am happy, and I have a sponsor who sends me gifts and allows me to go to school and receive food, medicine, and the word of God.

My worst day was the day I was hit by a drunk driver on motorcycle. I had a deep gash in my leg, and I thought I had died. My IGF family went to the hospital to sing and pray for me. I can now walk. I am not fully recovered by I can’t wait to start playing football.
I thank God so much for IGF, my mother, Trent and all my friends.”