No achievement is too small to celebrate! After 3 years of pre-primary education 85 young pupils from IGF’s main campus Nursery School and Amida Nursery School, graduated in style. Parents, guardians, classmates, teachers and friends gathered as the children were each recognised for their achievement, cakes were cut and eaten, and guests were entertained with performances of traditional dances, songs and poems.

This was only the second graduation to be held at Amida’s new Nursery School. Over the next few years, as resources become available, IGF hopes to introduce pre-primary education at all schools, including at Palabek and Padibe. The benefits of completing pre-primary education are evident, with young pupils entering primary school with basic literacy and numeracy, and also social skills and greater confidence.

We are very proud of the 2017 Nursery graduates, and wish them success and enjoyment as they venture into primary school in 2018!