Having the ability to continue some form of teaching and learning when schools have been closed is a great achievement. With no indications of schools reopening any time soon, IGF teachers have continued daily classes on-air through Mighty Fire FM radio, to thousands of primary pupils throughout the region.

After we shared last month about our classes being broadcast through the radio each day, and the challenge for children that didn’t have access to a radio, we have been able to provide radios to some more families – thanks to generous donors like you!

One recipient was Marvin. His family didn’t have a radio at home, but he didn’t want to miss out. So each day he walked to visit friends or neighbours and spent the day listening to their radio and studying along with the classes. Now Marvin can continue joining the classes from home and progressing with his studies.

Unfortunately, there are many more children that are missing out because they don’t have access to a radio and can’t tune in for daily classes. With no indications of schools in Uganda re-opening any time soon, it is important that we can connect as many children and families as possible to a radio.

Home-schooling in Uganda looks very different to what we can expect in many developed countries. With limited books and materials at home, and many parents who are themselves illiterate, the reliance on classes such as those broadcast on IGF’s Mighty Fire FM become so much more important.

You can help connect a child to radio classes by making a tax-deductible donation to ‘covid-19 relief packages’ or ‘primary education’