Home-schooling in Uganda is not really an option for the poorest in the communities who lack basic resources at home. With many parents themselves illiterate, no story or textbooks, and few pens or pencils, home-schooling isn’t straight forward.

With schools closed and the lock-down extended, a team of 11 IGF teachers led by Head Teacher Richard, have been volunteering for the past 3 weeks to teach over Mighty Fire fm each day. There are 3 ‘classes’ each day focusing on the subjects of English, maths, science, and social studies, and are targeted at different class levels.

With lots of creativity and charisma, and some new teaching methods and techniques, these ‘on-air’ classes are enabling children to continue learning from home with the help of a radio. The on-air education is not only reaching IGF pupils, but children with a radio from all schools in the District within a 100km radius of Kitgum, with many calling during the programs to ask questions and contribute.

The main challenge has been for those children who do not have access to a radio, and are therefore not able to listen to the daily classes. We would love to reach more children, especially pupils of IGF schools, and provide them with a radio so that they can also benefit from the education initiatives while schools remain closed across Uganda.

If you can help provide a family with a radio so that their children can continue learning from home, please make a tax-deductible donation to ‘primary education’ through our website https://irenegleesonfoundation.com/donate/