On order of the Ugandan Government, schools across Uganda have now closed. This includes IGF’s 4 nursery and 4 primary schools, the technical institute and business institute.

This creates a major concern for us at IGF, as many children rely on IGF as their primary source of food and nutrition. With schools being closed, children will not have access to the 2 daily meals they normally receive at school.

We are committed to supporting the most vulnerable IGF children and their families during this time of home isolation, with packages of food and soap.

We aim to begin distributing packages to 100 families in their village homes as soon as possible. These packs are expected to last 4 weeks (depending on family size), and will cost $20 per family.

Can you help support a family with a package of food and soap?
$20 will support one family with food and soap for 4 weeks during this time that schools will be closed.  Donate Now.

IGF’s residential facilities will remain open for our at-risk child that do not have a safe home to return to during this time, as well as our school clinics and out-patients clinic. IGF children will continue to have access to our school clinics and basic medical care, as well as safe water from the boreholes during this time.