After years of study, and long hours of hard work, P7 graduates at all IGF primary schools performed well on their Primary Leaving Examinations at the end of 2016.

There was improved performance across all IGF schools compared to 2015. Students who sat from IGF schools passed in Division One, Two, and a few in Division Three, and therefore all qualified to progress to the next level of education.

IGF registered 173 candidates from three primary schools – Childcare International Primary School, Childcare Amida Primary School and Childcare Padibe Primary School – to sit the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) in late 2016. Of these, 26 candidates achieved Division One, 125 candidates achieved Division 2, 18 candidates achieved division 3, and a few students didn’t sit for the exams.

This is a great achievement for our students and also the teachers. Additional lessons were given to P7 students in 2016, to ensure that they covered the required curriculum. Additional resources and focus from IGF was also aimed at improving the results of graduating students.

More than 50% of the pupils who completed their primary education last year were female. This is a great result, as it is common for female students to drop out of school earlier, so they can help at home, or to be married off at a young age. IGF has been focused on increasing the number of females receiving and finishing primary education.

Childcare Amida achieved the highest results of all primary schools in Kitgum District. Childcare International (main school) ranked as the 3rd best in Kitgum Municipality, only beaten by two other private schools. Childcare Palabek was ranked the 3rd best in Lamwo District. This is an outstanding achievement and is a testament to the commitment of both students and teachers, and also the support from sponsors and donors of IGF.

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