mosesA wonderful part of the work done at IGF is to see the progress and the impact made to each individual life. Mama Irene had a special place in her heart for the vulnerable infants in Northern Uganda, and there is no greater testimony for the value of IGF and support of donors like you, than to see the progress and growth and little lives.

Moses was rescued at 6 weeks old, weighing only 2kg. He was born a month premature and his mother died when he was only 2 weeks old. His relatives contacted IGF for help back in February.
After undergoing specialist care and treatment for the past few months, Moses has doubled his initial weight and is growing well. He continues to remain in the care of IGF and receive feeding in the nutritional program.

matthewMatthew Okot was brought to IGF in October 2015 after his mother died shortly after childbirth and his father committed suicide. Unable to provide adequate care for him, Matthew’s extended family brought him to IGF. With love and care from carers at IGF’s Children’s Medical Centre, Matthew is growing and developing well. A little boy with lots of personality and a bright future ahead of him.

Christopher was brought to IGF in November 2015 after his mother died from complications during childbirth, and his father went into hiding. After a few months in the care of IGF, Christopher has been reunited with his extended family and released into their care. IGF aims to maintain a connection between infants and their families, and reconnect them into the family’s care where possible and safe to do so. The progress of children is monitored after release to ensure positive progress.

These are just some of the many infants rescued and receiving care at IGF. These examples of growth and development are only possible through your support. IGF provides milk powder, food, clothing, blankets, sheets, and so on to these children and their carers. Please continue to support us as we support these precious infants.

Children’s Medical Centre