Recent rains and the onset of the wet-season have resulted in a surge in malaria cases throughout Kitgum and Lamwo Districts (where IGF schools are located). Between 1st-18th June, there has been 197 positive cases of malaria at just 2 of IGF’s school clinics. That is almost 16 cases each school day, and almost 25% of the student population at IGF’s Palabek school.

Malaria remains the leading cause of death in Uganda, with almost 200 people dying each day from the parasite. The most affected are young children and pregnant women, with half of those deaths from malaria being in children aged 5 years and under.

In the past 6 months, IGF has been able to upgrade the clinics at each of the four primary schools to allow for testing and diagnosis. This recent surge in positive cases has pushed our resources to the limit, and we are struggling to adequately treat all of the children testing positive. We need support to restock our school clinics with medicines and medical supplies. It costs approx. AUD$5 to test and treat each case of malaria, with more severe cases requiring an injection or even IV line at approx. AUD$25.

The majority of malaria cases result from children not sleeping under a mosquito net. As many of the children studying through IGF reside in mud huts in the villages, they are more susceptible as they are less likely to have a mosquito net at home. We don’t want to only treat the outcome, but also prevent further cases through education and other preventative measures. A basic mosquito net in Kitgum costs approx. AUD$8.

Can you support us to purchase medicines for immediate treatment of malaria, or mosquito nets to prevent the malaria parasite among the nursery and primary children most at risk?

To make a tax-deductible donation through our secure website, click here and choose “School Clinics” in the “allocated to” option.