How fortified rice meal is improving the nutrition of IGF children


MannaPack. It may be a brand that you are unfamiliar with. It is not sold in your local grocery store, nor at your local McDonalds. But MannaPack is feeding thousands of hungry children every day in Uganda’s north.

MannaPack is a fortified rice meal that is shipped by the container to the children at IGF. Feed the Hungry, an American organization, received donations of this fortified rice meal and blesses the children with it. It is packed with vitamins, nutrients and calories and tailored for children who are undernourished and at risk for malnutrition. This supplementary feeding is greatly improving the nutritional outcomes for these children, many of whom receive their only meals at IGF. A comprehensive study on the nutritional impact is planned, but teachers are reporting that their children are more focused in class, looking healthier and attending school with more regularity. Additionally, children on IGF’s special malnutrition program have all shown weight gains since being placed on this rice.