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Restaurants across the country are soon to be offered an opportunity to help children in need through an innovative new partnership program with the Irene Gleeson Foundation (IGF).

Restaurant Card
Receive this card at participating restaurants

The Meals for Kids program aims to provide much needed nutrition for children in Uganda. While dining at a participating restaurant, diners will receive a card with their bill (see opposite) , showing that the restaurant has covered the cost of providing a nutritious meal for a child in need.

Nutrition is such a key element for these children and research has shown that it can lead to better educational outcomes and improved concentration at school.


So how does it work?

Restaurants pre purchase Thank you cards from IGF, a charity that has been working in Uganda for over 20 years.  The profit per card covers the cost of a meal for a child.

“This program is designed to be a win for everyone” says Colin McNabb, Exec. Manager of IGF.  “The diners win by knowing they are supporting a good cause, the restaurants win because it builds a strong corporate image that helps attract clientele, and most of all the children in Uganda win by having a nutritious meal, assisting in their education and overall well-being.”

Certificate Sample
Certificate showing the number of meals provided by the restaurant

Diners can track how many meals in total the restaurant has contributed, as each restaurant will be given an updated certificate with each card order, showing the total number of meals they have provided since they joined the program.  The number of meals provided by an individual  restaurant could grow large over a 12 or 24 month period, and this is a way to acknowledge the ongoing contribution of participating restaurants.

Therefore, the next time you dine out, you might want to consider supporting a Meals for Kids participating restaurant.  Not only do you receive a meal,  you help provide for a needy child as well.

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