When Sharon was only 4 years old she was taken to live with her Great-aunt. By 6 years old, Sharon was an orphan.
If you met Sharon now, you would never know the childhood she had or the circumstances of her current home-life. A confident young woman, Discipline Minister, Girl Guide, Journalist, and leader in morning devotions. Sharon has shown leadership skills since she was a young girl at IGF’s Amida Primary School.

Sharon is currently undertaking her 2nd year in Tailoring and Garment Cutting at IGF’s technical institute (CTI). At the end of primary school (Primary 7 in Uganda), Sharon had performed quite well, but her elderly great-aunt could not afford to support her into high school. A lady from Australia saw Sharon’s profile and started sponsoring her, supporting her to continue into further skills training.

“I wanted to learn some skills that I would be able to use to earn an income” said Sharon. “Life is very hard, and without my sponsor I would have no hope of education or training”.

At 19 years old, Sharon still lives with her elderly Great-aunt. When asked about how things are at home, she doesn’t say much, just that she has faith in God. Her home-life is challenging, her often drunk uncles become verbally abusive, and there regularly isn’t enough food for everyone. She struggles to buy basic items, and often can’t afford to buy sanitary pads or even soap.

If you ask her tailoring instructors, they would say that Sharon is one of the best in the class. She hasn’t missed a single day of school, and is the female student leader within the technical institute.

Sharon will complete her Junior Certificate in Tailoring and Garment Cutting at the end of this year, and then continue into Craft level next year.
“When I complete my course, I would love to become a tailoring teacher… Without my sponsor I would not have any chance of studying, as there is nobody to support me from home”.

Sponsorship is making her dream possible.