It is graduation season for pupils completing Nursery education!
In late November, 59 pupils graduated from IGF’s main Nursery school, 36 graduated from Amida’s Nursery school, and this week IGF’s newest Nursery school in Padibe held their first nursery graduation with 8 pupils!

Graduation Day is a big event attended by pupils, teachers, parents, grandparents, guardians, friends and family. The children dress up in academic robes and are each presented with a certificate of completion and a framed portrait. The guests are entertained by the graduating pupils with singing, dancing and drama performances. The formalities are followed by lunch with meat, rice and vegetables – a real treat!

The celebration of completing Nursery education is significant for all children and families. Only a few years ago it was uncommon for many children to attend pre-primary school, as it was typically only accessible to children from wealthier families. Making pre-primary education more accessible is a focus for IGF and has also been recognised by the Ugandan Ministry of Education as an important aspect of improving education throughout Uganda.

IGF officially opened its first nursery school at IGF’s main primary school in 2014. The nursery school in Amida was opened in 2016, and this year a nursery school was opened in Padibe. Plans to open a nursery school at IGF’s Palabek primary school are underway.

Graduating pupils will move into Primary school at the beginning of 2019, starting the next stage of their educational journey. Given that many children continue to miss out on basic education and illiteracy rates remain a serious concern, we want to give these children the best start to their education. The good news is that you can help! By sponsoring a child throughout their primary education, you help give them access to education, two free meals at school each day, free first-aid and medical treatment, safe drinking water, counselling, and hope for a bright future.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming print newsletter, and read about seven incredible children that were rescued as infants and have just graduated from Nursery school.