Patrick now teaches in IGF School

Patrick Ociti Convoy joined ChildCare Primary as a pupil in 1997. After their father died, Mama Irene took care of Patrick and his three siblings, Amony Nancy, Apiyo Scovia and Acen Franka, at IGF.

With determination and hard work Patrick completed primary seven in 2003. Afterwards he joined Lira Town College, (approximately 100km from Kitgum), and completed his ordinary secondary school certificate under IGF sponsorship.

Now a teacher at Childcare Primary School (IGF main school), Patrick says going through school was the most difficult task, which he thought he would never accomplish.

Patrick lost his father at the age of six. He cannot now recall what his late father looked like. His mother also passed away when he was 8. He says he went to Childcare Primary School because it offered hope for vulnerable children.

“I didn’t see my father; I was told he died when I was only 6 years of age, and my mother died when I was just in P2! It was horrible to get the news of our beloved mother’s death, I could not imagine ever coming to terms with her death, and I was walloping in despair!” Patrick recounts.

“I still remember how Mama Irene raised my spirits by promising to make me live well and complete my studies. Seeing myself achieve step by step now, I am really thankful to God.” Patrick adds.

Patrick says his faith in Jesus and determination to succeed in his studies drove him to work harder. He always performed well in school, achieving high marks in all classes, and completing primary seven with a great result.

Patrick had a dream of becoming a teacher, and with further support from IGF, he joined a teachers training institute for a certificate in Primary Education and he emerged successful as a grade III teacher. He later joined Childcare Town Primary School (IGF main primary school) in 2011 as a teacher.

A recent appraisal exercise by the Head Teacher shows Ociti as a highly competent teacher.

“He is an excellent teacher. I taught him while he was a pupil in P7. Now you can’t believe how brilliant it is sitting with him in the same staffroom.” says the Head Teacher.

At the moment, Patrick is pursuing a Diploma in Education from Kyambogo University through the staff professional development program of IGF.

He is keeping his hopes and dreams alive to make it to the person God wants him to be. His sisters, Scovia and Franka, are also continuing with their education with support from IGF.

*Patrick is one of 20 teachers employed by IGF primary schools, who were also educated as children at an IGF primary school. At the main IGF primary school, 13 out of the 40 teachers received their primary education at IGF.
Some former children of IGF seek to give back what they were first given. IGF also continues to provide opportunities for high performing and motivated students, into their adult working lives.