IMGP4798Okot Matthew came to IGF in mid-October as a 2 week old infant. He was born in the village of Orom, about 1 hour drive from Kitgum. He was born through a normal delivery, but at three days old his mother started feeling unwell. She was taken to the local village Health Centre, where she died. When her husband (Matthew’s father) was informed of his wife’s death, he committed suicide that same day.

Matthew was brought to IGF by a clan member. His parents left two children, a three year old, and Matthew. The three year old is currently being cared for by a relative, while the clan decides who will be responsible for his upbringing.

A visit to the village by the IGF Social Worker, found the clan to be very appreciative of IGF for receiving their child and helping in his growth and development.

Matthew is receiving milk, and medical attention from IGF’s Childrens’ Medical Centre. There are a number of ways which you can help IGF care for Matthew, and many others like him. Make an ongoing donation for the provision of milk powder and medicine, clothing, blankets, sheets, and other necessary needs by visiting here or donate to the Children’s Medical Centre by clicking here.