Baby Ruth will grow up not knowing her mother. Born on 9th December 2017 as a twin, Ruth is now without her twin or her mother. Ruth’s 19 year old mother developed heart problems during pregnancy and was confined to a hospital bed for 2 months. She was discharged and was home in the village for the final month before coming back to the hospital in Kitgum to deliver her twins. One of the babies was stillborn, while Ruth was delivered in a healthy condition.

Baby Ruth’s father had run away and abandoned his pregnant girlfriend, scared of the responsibilities. Until now he has still not come to meet Ruth.
Ruth’s mother was struggling to breastfeed her in the hospital, her heart condition had not improved, and she was too weak and not producing breastmilk. At 2 weeks old baby Ruth’s weight had dropped to 2.4kg, and her condition was deteriorating.

Baby Ruth was brought to IGF by her paternal grandmother, while her maternal grandmother stayed in the hospital to care for her mother. In IGF’s Children’s Medical Centre, Baby Ruth started feeding on formula milk, and was given essential items and a safe place for her grandmother to care for her. By 5 weeks old she had increased to 3kg.

Baby Ruth was taken to her mother in the main hospital a number of times to visit. The mother was weak but her face lit up at the sight of Ruth, and she struggled to sit up and hold her baby girl.

Sadly, Baby Ruth’s mother passed away in hospital on 30th January 2018.

Baby Ruth remains at IGF’s Children’s Medical Centre under the care of her paternal grandmother.  She is still small and underweight, but is growing. She will continue to receive infant formula and other items required for her care.

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