Global Development Group


GDGlogoIn 2006, IGF partnered with Global Development Group (GDG), who are an Australian DFAT approved Non-Government-Organisation assisting approved partners to carry out quality humanitarian and development projects and provide aid to relieve poverty and deliver long-term solutions.

IGF’s project with GDG is J747 – Integrated Community Development Project.  Donations over $2 to these Projects (including child sponsorship) are tax deductible.

GDG takes responsibility for approved projects according to DFAT rules, providing a governance role and assisting in the areas of planning, monitoring, reviewing and evaluating to ensure that approved projects are carried out to Australian requirements.

Since 2006, IGF has experienced relative growth in scope and projects within the IGF Ugandan programs, resulting in significant impact in the community of Northern Uganda.  The training, advice and monitoring visits by the GDG team every year have built and strengthened the operational and managerial capacity of IGF’s staff, and the focus on sustainable development activities.

More information on GDG can be found here.