Baby Johnathan – At 5.5 months old, Baby Johnathan weighs only 3kg, suffering the effects of malnutrition. He was brought to IGF at the beginning of August when his parents sought assistance, realising their son’s health was continuing to deteriorate. After he was born, his mother was unable to produce breast milk. With his parents unable to afford infant formula, they fed him on porridge, which does not provide the vital nutrients for an infant. Baby Johnathan has been found to be severely malnourished and has immediately started on IGF’s nutritional program. Baby Johnathan will be cared for by his mother at IGF’s facility, and supported by IGF with infant formula and nutrition supplements.

Baby Gifty has just been welcomed into the IGF family in mid-August and enrolled into the nutritional feeding program. Baby Gifty is only 2 weeks old, yet she faces a future without her mother. Her mother died after giving birth. Baby Gifty was born at a healthy 3.5kg, but without her mother’s milk there was need for immediate intervention and feeding. A carer has been employed to look after Baby Gifty within IGF’s facility.

The cost of infant formula for Baby Johnathan and Baby Gifty is up to AUD$40 each per week. You can make a one-off donation, or set up a regular donation which will provide infant formula, clothing and basic necessities for these precious infants and others that are also receiving nutritional support through IGF. Donate through our secure website and select ‘Children’s Medical Centre’