The ultimate aim of the infant nutrition program at IGF is to be able to re-integrate a healthy child back into the community with their family or relatives. ‘Baby’ Paul came to IGF at only a few days old, having lost his mother at birth. In an attempt to maintain the connection with his family, Paul’s older sister Sunday moved into IGF to care for him with support of IGF nurses and carers.

At 19 months old, Paul recently returned home to his village with his sister and father.

“The day his mother died, I was afraid that I was going to lose him too. But I was assured of a place that would take great care of him and that was IGF. I occasionally visited him and was amazed at the strides he was making. Looking at him today just melts my heart. IGF is now like family to me. I am forever grateful.” – Ceaser (Paul’s Father).

In the past 2 months, 6 infants have been received at IGF in need of nutritional support. Each infant has a different story and has been brought under differing circumstances, but each is in need of care and support.


Triplets – Gerald (4kg), Stephen (3kg) and Given (3kg) were referred to IGF at 6 months old, all suffering severe malnutrition. Coming from a village about 45 minute drive from Kitgum, the family had struggled to feed the triplets on a very low income. Sadly, Baby Given passed away at Kitgum’s Government Hospital just over a week after first arriving at IGF. His tiny 3kg body was too weak to continue fighting. The two remaining boys are stabilising and gaining weight. Without the support of IGF, the boys’ mother feared that she was going to lose all three of her boys.[/row]


Baby Philip was born on 15th September in a village roughly 80km from Kitgum. He was born from home in the village, with only a local nurse assisting the delivery. The circumstances surrounding his home birth are not entirely clear, but there are claims that a dispute between the mother and father resulted in her delivering from home rather than at a hospital. Philip’s mother died during the delivery.
Baby Philip has been at IGF since he was only 3 days old, and is being looked after by a carer.[/row]


Baby Daniel was only 2.3 kg when he was brought to IGF at 6 weeks old in mid-October. He was born at a low birth-weight of 1.8kg, and his mother who suffers from epilepsy has struggled to produce enough breast milk to adequately feed him. Baby Daniel is being cared for at home by his mum and dad (both epileptic) and grandmother, and supported with nutrition from IGF. Baby Daniel is brought to IGF weekly for check-ups and support.[/row]


Baby Daniel arrived at IGF in late October as his parents sought support in feeding and nutrition.  At 2 weeks old and only 2.5kg, Daniel was considered at risk and in need of support as his mother is carrying the Hepatitis B virus and not producing enough breast milk. Baby Daniel is the son of an IGF employee, and is being cared for at home by his mum and dad, while being supported by IGF to ensure he grows strong and healthy.


Join us as we pray for these precious infants and their families, that they may grow healthy and strong.

Did you know that you can ‘sponsor’ the infant nutrition program and Childrens’ Medical Centre at IGF? By setting up a regular donation, you can help support all infants that rely on IGF for vital nutrition and care in their early stages of life.