Over the month of March, 3 additional infants were rescued and brought to IGF for life-saving care and support.

It is often heartbreaking situations that result in infants being brought by family to IGF, but these situations also inspire everyone at IGF to keep pushing forward and doing their best for these precious children, to see that they not only survive but flourish.

Baby Gifty

Baby Gifty arrived at IGF on 28th February, at 2 weeks old. She was admitted at the Government Hospital with her mother, but she was rapidly losing weight and her mother was unable to feed her. Weighing only 2kg at 2 weeks old, she was brought to IGF to start feeding on formula milk. Baby Gifty’s mother passed away in hospital when Gifty was only 1 month old. She has been under the care of her aunty at IGF’s Children’s Medical Centre, feeding on formula milk. Health complications have continued for Baby Gifty, and she has since been admitted back into the Government Hospital. Please pray for Baby Gifty, that her tiny body may be healed, that she is protected and grows strong and healthy. IGF continues to provide formula milk to Baby Gifty while she is receiving treatment at the Government Hospital.

Baby Paul

Baby Paul’s mother tragically died while giving birth at Kitgum Government Hospital on 28th February. During a caesarean procedure, the woman lost too much blood and was not able to be saved. This gorgeous baby boy was brought to IGF at 1 day old, not even having a name. He was named Paul, after a long-serving Australian supporter of IGF.

Baby Paul has been feeding very well on formula milk and growing well. In early April, at 5 weeks old, Baby Paul was taken home to his village where he is being looked after by family. He is continuing to feed on formula milk supplied by IGF, and will be monitored from home by the IGF medical and welfare team.

Baby Cherish

Baby Cherish was 5 weeks old when he was admitted into IGF’s Children Medical Centre in mid-March. His mother had passed away from a lung infection, leaving behind both Baby Cherish and his older sister. Baby Cherish was receiving formula milk from IGF while under the care of an Aunt within IGF’s facility. The other child (older sister) is in grade 1 at IGF’s main school. Her father has taken up the responsibility of caring for her, and is doing his best in this difficult situation of losing his wife. Baby Cherish has recently returned home to be cared for by the family. IGF is continuing to supply formula milk, and has been monitoring him from home.


Providing support through formula milk, clothing, bedding, and so on for infants such as Baby Gifty, Baby Paul, and Baby Cherish gives them a chance at life, which is significantly impacted by the loss of a mother at such a young age.

Please help us support these precious infants by making a tax-deductible donation through our website https://irenegleesonfoundation.com/portfolio-view/childrensmedicalcentre/