Rufinha has found feeding her 10 grandchildren one of the biggest challenges she faces during the covid-19 pandemic, which has seen the lockdown in Uganda continue for almost 3 months. “Feeding was already a problem but it has gotten worse. The one meal a day was enough because the children would all leave home in the morning and eat at school and then return late in the evening but now, they are home from the morning up to evening making it very painful for me to watch them stay without food up to 3pm in the afternoon because you know you have to stick to little you have to lasts longer”, Rufinha told us.

Of her 10 grandchildren, 4 are currently enrolled at IGF’s Amida Primary School, while 3 graduated last year and have continued into highschool. The remaining 3 children are still young and have not yet started school. Rufinha didn’t explain why she is looking after her 10 grandchildren, but she is determined to see them receive an education.

The family relies on the borehole at the IGF’s Amida Primary School as their primary source of water. It’s a 3km walk to the borehole, and another 3km walk back home carrying the heavy jerry-cans full of water.

The family received a gift of food items and soap from IGF to assist them during these challenging times. “I am over joyed with your visits and for the items we have received. They are small but very helpful. Soaps and salt are very hard to get around this village but for the times we have received, our hygiene has improved.’ – Rufinha.

Thank you for your generosity and support which has enabled IGF to provide food relief and hygiene items to families of IGF pupils. We have now reached almost 500 families! As the pandemic continues and the lockdown in Uganda remains in place, reaching more families in need with food and hygiene items remains a priority. You can help by making a tax-deductible donation to covid-19 relief items