How IGF sponsorship is helping save the lives of children and babies through Medical Scholarships

Benson attending a patient
BENSON AROP – Benson is originally from Kitgum, but grew up in the army barracks with his father – a soldier. When he finished high school, he returned home to Kitgum and heard about a wonderful church at a school run by a white woman. Benson decided to check it out, and later joined the choir and the dance team. After seeing his service, Mama Irene asked Benson about his story, as she hadn’t seen him before. She offered him a job as a teacher’s aide because he was not working. After years of working hard for IGF, Mama Irene and his sponsor, Janet Riessen, agreed to send Benson to school for nursing, and Benson agreed to come and volunteer at IGF during holidays. After finishing a diploma in nursing well, he continued on for a diploma in clinical medicine, of which he is in his final semester. Benson is looking forward to finishing his exams in June, and then returning to IGF in July to help bring health and wholeness to sick children in Kitgum! “I have lots of gratitude for finishing school. If it wasn’t for IGF and my sponsor Janet, I wouldn’t have made it up to my level.”
Midwife Prisca examining mother
PRISCA GLADYS ACHIRO – Prisca grew up in Kitgum and was a young girl during the LRA insurgency. As a “night commuter,” Prisca used to walk every evening to Kitgum town to sleep on the concrete floor in front of a shop. It was too dangerous to stay in her village as the rebels could easily abduct her in the night, and so walking to town was safer. Mama Irene saw Prisca commuting into town and offered her a place in her girls’ dormitory at IGF. Prisca then studied hard at IGF’s school, finishing in 2003. She earned a scholarship to an all girls high school, where she graduated in 2007. Afterwards, Mama Irene sponsored Prisca to do a Diploma in Midwifery. Prisca has recently finished her schooling, and is happy to return to work at IGF’s maternal health program starting in April. She will be returning to Kitgum with her husband and her baby – a big change from the young girl who used to walk long distances just to be safe!