Winnie Laker was brought to IGF as a very young girl, at 9 years old. Mama Irene took care of her the entire time that she was with IGF, taking her in as her own daughter. Before she came to IGF, she had her mother who had died during the war. Young Winnie was distraught when her mother died. “I lost hope really. I didn’t think anyone would be able to take care of me. I thought I was on my own, and I didn’t think that I would be going back to school. But IGF took me back to school to continue with my studies.” Winnie finished high school, and received training as a nursery teacher!

Winnie showed great potential and started studying Early Childhood Development in Kampala from September 2013. Winnie worked during the school term at IGF, and studied during the holidays in Kampala. In 2016, Winnie graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood Development. Winnie is now the headmistress of IGF’s 4 Nursery Schools. ‘I recently graduated with a diploma in early childhood development and I believe that with the knowledge I have acquired, together with my team, we are going to prepare these little children to make the best out of life.’ (Winnie)

Winnie has already achieved a lot by her early 20s, and she has dreams of continuing her studies. In addition to teaching, Winnie is IGF’s songbird, leading worship at Community Church. Every Sunday, she leads her team to usher the congregation into the presence of the Lord. She uses her beautiful voice to praise her God, and to honor all of the gifts he has given her.

Because of God’s love and Irene’s faithfulness, Winnie has attained a future she could only dream of. And now, she takes the gifts that have been given to her and looks to help others achieve their potential as well!