12694540_1016724575037122_6581109321483338005_oRunning a small business is tough. It can be even harder in a community in northern Uganda where most people are living well below the poverty line. How does a community and economy grow when there are limited employment opportunities or disposable income available to purchase goods?

Your sponsorship and contributions to IGF helps provide jobs and employment to over 300 staff. Employing teachers, nurses, cooks, drivers, carers and so on, IGF is the second largest employer in the Kitgum District, behind only the Government. Not only are you supporting individual children, but you are also helping IGF to strengthen the community in Kitgum and surrounding districts.

13147568_1068885646487681_5023708979791000462_oIn addition to being a major employer in the district, IGF is also a major customer from local businesses. Food items for the children are bought from local farmers and markets; scholastic materials, teaching supplies, exercise books and so on are bought direct from local businesses; construction materials are purchased from local suppliers, and local contractors are often used to support building and development projects, such as the current construction of classrooms at Padibe Primary School; local tailors are used to make school uniforms for children and costumes used in music and drama classes and competitions. IGF aims to purchase within the local community where possible, contributing to the growth in the local economy, and aiding in the development of the community.

When you support the work of IGF, you are also providing employment and an income to hundreds of families, and helping small businesses to survive in a community suffering from poverty.

You can continue to support the development of the Kitgum District and providing employment and income to hundreds of families through IGF by donating online at https://irenegleesonfoundation.com/choosedonation/