Meet Pracious a First class dregree holder from our bussiness school. Congratulations dear!Precious Adoch is a student at Kitgum Business Institute (KBI) at IGF, having recently completed a Certificate in Accountancy. You might recognise Precious from the IGF sponsorship video in late 2015.

Precious is described by the Principal of KBI as an outstanding student, becoming the best overall student at the Institute in the May/June 2015 UBTEB (Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board) examination, and obtained First Class results for her Certificate in Accountancy. Because of her hard work and commitment, Precious became a student leader and served in the position of Vice Guild President between 2013 and 2014. “Her hard work, discipline and general conduct have made her a model for the continuing students” (Ochola Alfred, KBI Prinicipal).

Achieving high results hasn’t come easily for Precious. She has lived with her single mother and younger sister, after her father passed away in 2007. Since her father’s passing, life has not been easy, with struggles to get basic needs met, such as food, shelter, medication and education.  Her mother used to do some small business, but apparently it didn’t work out well.

As the eldest child in the family, Precious has had to take up many responsibilities in caring and providing for her family. ‘My mum has always been sick and I took over from where she stopped to make sure we eat and don’t sleep hungry’, Precious says.

During the holidays, Precious does part-time work to help raise money to pay for her education. She intends to study up to university, but is worried that she might not make it as her mother is sick and the burdens are high.

 ‘I am putting all my efforts in studies to become a banker and help my family in future, and I pray to God every day and night’ (Precious).

Precious is planning to undertake a Diploma in Accounting at KBI later this year. She has been offered a scholarship to help her cover the tuition, as she has achieved high results and demonstrated commitment to her studies. Despite the challenges, Precious is focussed on success.