6-month old baby Prisca had successful surgery on her cleft lip a few weeks ago, and now she is drinking and smiling better than ever!

Baby Prisca came to IGF as a 1-month old, back in November 2017.  Born with a cleft-lip deformation, she had been struggling to suckle and consume enough milk. After 5 months at IGF receiving formula milk supplements, the opportunity came up for Baby Prisca to undergo surgery at a hospital in Gulu (100km away from Kitgum). She was now considered healthy and strong enough to have the surgery.

IGF medical staff travelled with Baby Prisca and her mother to Gulu where the surgery took place, and supported them through the procedure.

The surgery was considered a great success, and Prisca is now drinking better than ever before. She already had a beautiful smile, and now she will also have less complications as she grows.

The cost of caring for Prisca, including providing milk supplements, and the costs associated with the surgery were covered by donations made to IGF’s Children’s Medical Centre. Without the support of donors, it’s unlikely that Prisca would have been able to have this surgery so easily. Thank you.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to IGF’s Children’s Medical Centre to support vulnerable infants, please donate here.