Akwiri Precillia Acam

Boys continue to out-perform girls in primary school in Northern Uganda, particularly in the higher classes. This is not a new trend, and it is going to take some time and major effort to reduce. The recent Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) which are sat by all Primary 7 students seeking to graduate from primary school, emphasized the gap.

However, there is one girl from IGF’s Amida Primary School that has gone against the trend, and was the only girl in Kitgum District (outside of Kitgum Municipal) to achieve First Grade (Division 1) on her Primary Leaving Examinations. Out of 91 schools with a total of 2,600 candidates that sat the exam, Akwiri Precillia was the only girl to achieve Division 1.

Precillia had studied at IGF’s Amida Primary School from grade 1 through to grade 7. She is one of 4 daughters, and lives together with her mother and sisters. Her father works hard farming to be able to pay for his daughters’ education.

Precillia said that she has always loved school, and being able to get food at school has helped a lot. “She is a very shy and quiet girl, but her mind is active”, said Head Teacher Okana. “She doesn’t speak about her problems, but she is very disciplined and hardworking”.

Precillia’s father spoke about how important it was for his children to attend a school with a Christian background. “The moral and Christian emphasis at the school made it stand out among other schools in the area. All of my daughters have attended this school… It’s not just the classroom education, but the children are being trained into respectful and moral people”.

IGF has awarded Precillia a scholarship to support her into high school. The local government has also offered their support, to help Precillia continue with her studies and help her achieve her dream of becoming a teacher.

Well done Precillia, we are all very proud of you!